no comp team~1No compromise Television project idea came about in 2012 and was later established in 2013 with the aim of supporting young people. By connecting new talent with established artists through collaborative TV production projects across western Kenya through IMANI TELEVISION KENYA .

We are pleased to announce that since June of 2015 we started airing the show through,  YOUTH TV KENYA Nairobi. Our viewership base has quadrupled, and this has been some great news to all of our target base.

No compromise TV show aims at providing young people an independent arts platform where they can express their creativity, vision and talent and interact with new audiences.

Since its launch in 2013, No compromise TV has enabled a dynamic environment that supports artistic endeavors and challenges existing moulds to expand the outreach of the arts. The project department develops and promotes three programme portfolios, working through the trio spaces of dialogue.

‘Morality & Law segments, Educational entertainment  and Arts Management.

Programmes are offered at no expense to young people and provide a critical opportunity for youth from diverse parts of the country to access information, technical skills and platforms to develop and hone their craft.

In 2014- 2016, the focus is primarily on promoting knowledge, and building capacity amongst young artists to promote, protect and produce Independent minds that a ready to think up new ideas and who are not afraid of being part of setting up a better tomorrow.

The program has been able schedule a multi year workshop series for interested, upcoming and established young Kenyans that explore information, ideas and models that intend protect and  promote Kenya’s future.