The Conference project is a flagship outreach department within PURELOVENOW. Which over time has evolved and in part led to the creation of the No compromise TV.

This conference is organized on an intended permanent basis and which is meant to meet annually. It’s clearly stated purpose is constructive and progressive, and its annual conference programs represents in effect an acceptable society cultural norm, with accent on the problems of youth.

The Conference project also represents dissatisfaction with the very many holiday themed youth programs, that have failed to capture the core values espoused in the bible, our National anthem and our new constitution.

A trend one that is alarmingly on the rise in our already constantly evolving society.

Through the conference project, we are determined to work out on a larger and more influential pace, for the more mature young people in work to attend.

We fellowship together, share ideas together and progress together. These millennials need a place to meet, learn and compare notes.

The conference project is a home away from home.