Christmas is about hope. For orphaned and impoverished children, hope can be a difficult concept because their parents have abandoned them or they go to bed hungry with no idea if they will eat tomorrow. You can give hope by meeting their real needs during this holiday season.

PURELOVENOW has is striving to put smiles on this little ones, as often as we can. You can join us every 23rd of December.


CATEGORY: Clothing and Shoes

This Mission aims at providing orphans with new backpacks and shoes and the message that they are not alone. Individuals and groups can easily get involved in this mission project by collecting new and gently used backpacks and shoes for orphans and vulnerable children in poor schools and orphanages around the world.  You can also consider recruiting a team of individuals from your groups or communities to join an Orphan Outreach mission trip and personally distribute your backpacks and shoes . This act of kindness meets their spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs in ways that leaves all of us shocked and humbled.

CATEGORY: Food and Supplies

A free & easy Orphan weekend mission project to feed orphaned children. We provide our volunteers and Members with resources that helps you every step of the way. Together feeding future leaders who will break the cycle of poverty where they live. Join us and fight hunger!